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Customer service hours – 9:00 and 16:30 Monday to Friday.

If we don’t answer the phone, we’re probably packing orders. Please leave a message and we’ll call you back asap.

Our phones aren’t monitored at weekends but emails are.

Please check our FAQs below before getting in touch.



+44 161 528 7766


The Relentless Gardener
Chatsworth Road
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have ordered 45m2 of grass seed but only received 30m2?

You may have chose 'overseeding' instead of 'from scratch'. Please check the back of the box for overseeding coverage.

The application rate on the front of the box is based on seeding from scratch, which would be a rate of 30g/m2. However your order was for 'overseeding' an existing lawn which is based on a rate of 20g/m2.

Can I collect my order instead of paying shipping?

Sorry, collection is currently unavailable as we don't have insurance policy to provide this service.

Why have I been charged shipping even though my order was above free shipping threshold

When your order goes over the free shipping threshold this option becomes available at checkout. However, you must make sure it is selected so that you don't get charged. Please get in touch with your order number and we'll refund the shipping cost.