The Relentless Gardener

Matt Adams Founder

Founder / Head of Gardening

Qualification: 1st Class BSc Honours

Place of study: University of Salford

Graduated: 2008

Matt is a highly qualified gardener and founder of The Relentless Gardener.  He shares his professional knowledge on his Gardening Blog and advises on how to create stunning lawns and gardens.

More specifically, Matt’s area of expertise is on feeding the soil to produce healthy lawns and gardens.

Matt has also created products that make gardening more sustainable and organic.

He suggests “People love gardening but often don’t realise the difference between too much and too little when nurturing their plants or lawns.”

Matt produces products that allow for sustainable zero-waste gardening and lawn care.

In the hope that every gardener in the world will move to organic and sustainability first!

So, I want people who fit the above description to choose 100% organic and only buy the exact amount needed for their current gardening job.

Right now, that’s only possible at our website Where you can tell us your coverage area and we’ll send you the exact amount required in 100% biodegradable packaging.