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lawn Care Diary Autumn:Winter

My Lawn Care Diary: October 2021

So, it’s now coming to the end of October and, if I’m honest, I’ve been doing things slightly later in the year than I would

Autumn Lawn Care Diary

My Lawn Care Plan : Autumn 2021

I love getting out in the garden during the cooler, fresher months. Autumn is now upon us so we need to plan some jobs for

How to sow grass seed UK

How, why & when to sow grass seed

Are you renovating your garden and looking to create a nice, green, fresh lawn? Well you’re in the right place. In this article I’m giving

How to Prepare the Ground for Turf

Preparing the ground & soil for turf

Whether you’re preparing the ground for turf or seed, the process is largely the same. The main difference is that you have slightly more leeway

Grass Seed Calculator - Green Velvet

Green Velvet Grass Seed Calculator

Use our handy calculator below to work out how much Green Velvet grass seed you need. There are 4 popular grass seed options to choose.

How & when to overseed a lawn

How & When to overseed a UK lawn

When a lawn looks stressed after the Winter it’s easy to think it just can’t be revived. Don’t worry though, there’s a great chance that

How & When to Aerate Your Lawn

How & When to Aerate your lawn

Aerating the lawn – how mundane! Not to worry though – have a read of this. Aerating is a vital task to making your lawn


How to get rid of Moss on your Lawn

Moss! One of Britain’s worst nightmares. But still an important part of the biodiversity eco system. Anyway, this post will take you through the different