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Cordless Strimmers – Are they worth it? Which is best for 2024?

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Keep your lawn pristine with exclusive tips, offers and insights that I only share with my private subscribers.

I used to have a corded strimmer but never used it for my lawn edges. I needed to find out if cordless strimmers are actually worth it.

Partly because I couldn’t be bothered getting it out. Partly because the line on it was useless. Partly because I just enjoyed doing the edges with the manual lawn edging shears.

That’s changed now.

Since investing in a 40V cordless Worx strimmer, I now use it every time I do the edges of my lawn. And probably won’t ever go back to the manual way.

So, in this post I’m sharing a full review of my own experience in buying and using a cordless strimmer.

I’ll look at the best ones out there, and whether it’s worth investing for yourself.

This is linked to my previous post called A Full Review of Cordless Lawn Mowers – Are they Worth it?

That’s because if you’re thinking of investing in anything cordless, it’s worth thinking about the 3 main things you may need in the long run.

They are:

  1. A cordless Mower
  2. A cordless Strimmer
  3. A cordless Leaf Blower

I say this because right now, every brand has a different battery that only fits their products – I know, annoying ain’t it?

The good thing is that nearly all brands have battery share across their own range of products.

A battery alone costs around £100 so if you can buy the bare tools, you’re saving a load of cash by choosing the same brand for all three items listed above.

My eBay Deal on a Worx Cordless Strimmer

Before I made any purchae I did a fullr eview of all the items I needed. Then decided to go with the Worx brand.

The first cordless item I bought was my mower. Then I waited a bit before buying the strimmer. Suddenly I cam across a 40V bare tool Strimmer on eBay for around £50. Listed for £120 on the Worx website.

That was the best move I made. Saved myself about £150 because I only needed the bare tool and got a well better deal on eBay than anywhere else.

So, I’d say review the market, check prices, quality and reviews. The keep a look out for a good deal.

The Rise of Cordless Strimmers

As you can see, there’s been a massive increase in people searching for these products

Showing searches for cordless strimmer between 2018 and 2023

Benefits of cordless Strimmer

I’ve got a 70m2 lawn and I can do the lot with a 40V mower and 40V strimmer in one battery run-time.

The biggest benefit is the convenience of not needing to get the extension lead out, plug it in and work around the cord the whole time.

I can simply take the battery out of the mower and get the edges looking pristine.

That’s the other benefit. It gives you a superb-looking edge.

Be careful though.

If you’re too aggressive it can eat right into your grass.

So, overall, it’s faster to cut the edges, easier to get out and covers the whole 70m2 of lawn easily in one go.

40V vs 20V Strimmer – which is best?

I’ll be honest I didn’t know what the difference would be I never would have thought I needed a 40V (2 x 20v batteries) but if I was to choose again, I’d definitely go for

The one I bought was described as ‘the power of petrol in a cordless strimmer’.

Do I agree? Absolutely.

It’s way better than any other corded one I’ve used before. I’ve taken out thick bushes with it and the line still hasn’t snapped.

How long do the strimmer batteries actually last – Run time

Run time will depend on the size of battery and the runtime of the battery will decrease over time as the battery gets older and loses its ability to hold a charge.

Run time on 20 Volt batteries

Most strimmers use 1 x 18-20 volt batteries that will usually offer around 20-30 minutes run time.

Run time on 40 Volt batteries

Some however, like mine, use 2 x 20 volt batteries andaround 40-60 minutes.

To work out which one would be best, you could look at it this way. If your lawn edges take over 40 minutes to cut then you’ll want to look for a product that has 2 x 20V batteries or one 40v battery.

Reviewing The Best Cordless Strimmers in 2024

Best for budget


  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Battery: 18v
  • Charge time: 60 mins
  • Run time: 30 mins
  • Perfect for: Small gardens with minimal usage

This is best because it has a 18v battery whereas many of the budget ones have 12 volt batteries for the same price

Beware though, while this takes a 1 x 12v battery, the cordless mower actually takes 1 x 18v battery. Meaning there’s no battery share.

If you’re not looking at saving money in the long run, that’s fine.

But if you’re looking to get a cordless mower too (after reading my guide), then it needs to be taken into account as you won’t be able to save money buying a ‘bare tool’ mower. Ultimately meaning you get less power for the same amount of money

Best for comfort

Some are built a bit more ergonomic than others. Take the Bosch Universal Grass Cut for example. It has an extra long second arm, so you can easily adjust it to the size that’s perfect for you.

It was voted in many reviews as the best one for comfort and this is expected to e the same going into 2024.

Best for Lawn Edges

If, like me, the primary reason you’re buying a cordless strimmer is to do your lawn edges, then I highly recommend one with wheels.

The wheels are an excellent addition to help you get a much neater cut right around the outside edge. You can even have the wheels on the outside or inside of the grass so it really doesn’t matter about what type of edging materials you have going on.

Many of the ones that do have wheels have very thin ones and therefore more difficult to control. However, the Worx products have 2 wheels and are separated slightly, giving a much more stable feel as you move along the edge of the grass.

Best for Power

If you want more power, then it’s best to choose a 40v (usually one that takes 2 x 20v batteries).

Some say these have the power of petrol but in a battery form.

They will likely cost more and may not include edging wheels but they will be powerful enough to tackle almost any clearance job around the garden.

For example, this one from Worx UK costs around £149 and weighs around 2.8kg without the batteries. The line operates at around 6,000 RPM while most domestic strimmers operate at around 3,000 rpm. Effectively, double the speed and double the power.

On the other hand.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more for even more power.

Then you could choose the 56v EGO 40cm Grass trimmer. However, you’re probably looking at around £450 for the strimmer and batteries together. The cordless Ego mower is more costly than most others on the market too.


So, here’s the lowdown on ditching my old corded strimmer for the game-changer – a 40V cordless Worx strimmer. This bad boy has totally revamped my lawn edging style.

No more messing about with extension leads, and the cordless magic makes edging a breeze.

Plus, I went all in and got a cordless mower and leaf blower from the same. No regrets yet Battery sharing means less hassle and more savings, win-win!

Seems like everyone’s jumping on the cordless garden tool bandwagon, and I get it. The searches for these tools have skyrocketed, and it’s not surprising.

My cordless strimmer isn’t just about convenience – it’s a lawn edge wizard, effortlessly handling my 70m2 grass patch in one battery go.

Easily transitioning from one patch of grass to the other.

Painlessly transitioning from the mower to the strimmer.

Thinking about power – this 40V beast is like the superhero of strimmers.

It munches through thick greenery without breaking a sweat. And forget about those pesky extension cords – just pop in the battery, and you’re good to go.

Picking the right voltage is important – 40V means more playtime. Battery compatibility is the name of the game though. No one wants a jumble of mismatched batteries. I highly recommend taking this into account.

Now, diving into this year’s cordless strimmer scene. We’ve got the budget champ, the comfort king, the precision player for lawn edges, and the powerhouse for those who crave more oomph. It’s a smorgåsbord of choices. Your garden, your rules – let’s make lawn care fun and easy!

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