Sulphate of Potash – For Acid-Loving Fruits & Flowers

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  • Helps your plants (especially acid-lovers)  to improve their yield of blooms or fruits.
  • This includes Rhododendrons, azaleas, camellia and blueberries, which strengthen their roots for better chances of survival during Spring & Summer
  • Use alongside our blood, fish and bone to keep your plants super healthy throughout the whole of Spring & Summer


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A specially formulated product that is highly soluble and helps to improve the quality and size of fruits and flowers on acid loving plants.

It helps to strengthen the plant and increase its resistance to disease and inclement weather. Potash is a nutrient that helps plants develop strong stems, root systems, and flowers, and it also promotes disease resistance.Use when you identify a potash deficiency in the soil. Symptoms include poor flowering and fruit sets, as well as the leaves turning yellow.

How & When to use our Sulphate of Potash as a Fertiliser

As with all feeds, pants can only intake the potash when they are actively growing. This means feeding them between Spring and late Summer. They often require more potash just after flowering or bearing their fruits. This is so they can keep healthy roots after all the nutrients have been used up.

Use every 6 weeks (4- 5 times) during the growing season. Don’t use if you’ve recently fed with another high potassium fertiliser.

Which plants to use Sulphate of Potash

You should use sulphate of potash on any plants which flower or fruit and vegetable plants from which you want a bigger and better yield.

Potash is necessary for acid loving plants such as Rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias. Blueberries also have a preference for a acidic soil so feeding them with potash is best too.

How much Sulphate of Potash should you use?

Dig in 40g per m2 into the soil around the 1m2 perimeter of the base of the plants. Measure the size of your flower bed(s) or count number of plants you want to feed , then multiply that by how many times you want to feed your plants in the year (usually 4-5 times).

Enter this number in the box provided and we’ll send you the exact amount you need for the year.


NPK: 0-0-50 (50% Potassium)

Uses: Increasing yield from fruit trees and veg or flowering plants



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