100% Organic Base Sand for Levelling & Dressing Lawns

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Weight: 1,000g / 1KG per m2 (e.g. 25m2 = 25,000g / 25KG)

  • Specially formulated 100% organic base silica sand for top dressing domestic UK lawns
  • Prevents moss coming back year=after-year
  • Improves composition of clay soil based lawns
  • Apply base sand between March & October
  • Mostly used to level out uneven patches in the lawn
  • Improves drainage, enhances soil composition and helps control thatch
  • You can apply this product at a rate of between 1KG to 4kg per m2 (see below for more info)
  • Prices over £30 include delivery direct to your door in 25kg sacks*


Shipped by Agrovista UK Ltd

SOLD IN MULTIPLES OF 25 Mtr Sq. (25kg sacks)

Buy 1,000 m2 (1,000kg bulk bag) for just £290 (£0.29p per m2)

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A specially formulated 100% Organic Washed Silica Base Sand for levelling and top dressing domestic UK lawns. Typically used by golf courses for improving drainage and levelling bumps.

Specifically designed to work well on domestic lawns – not too fine and not too coarse. Meaning it won’t suffocate the soil and won’t just cause the nutrients to drain away

Why use base sand for top dressing lawns

  • Level out bumps and holes
  • Contains natural drainage properties to improve drainage – ideal for areas prone to water logging or with drainage issues.
  • Reduce thatch
  • Improves composition of soil
  • Add alongside top soil or compost for the perfect combination

When to apply Base Sand for dressing lawns

  • Any time between March & October – during the growth season
  • Preferably after aeration so the sand can work it’s way into the soil bed at root zone level
  • Preferably on a dry day so it’s easier to spread evenly across the surface

How to apply base sand or dressing lawns

Option 1 – Drop in clumps and spread with a broom or lawn leveller (aka lawn lute)

Option 2 – Using a wheeled spreader (drop or broadcast)

Option 3 – Using a Landzie compost roller


How much and how often to apply base sand dressing for lawns

You can apply sand at a rate of anywhere between 1KG and 4KG per m2. It really depends on budget and desired outcome. Any less than 1,000g / 1KG per m2, then it won’t have much affect on he lawn.

That said, the best way to apply sand as a top dressing it to do it a little at a time. Too much applied in one go may negatively affect the soil composition and make it harder for your lawn to withstand stress – more specifically heat stress in the height of the Summer.

Applying little at a time allows the sand to work its way into the soil before doing a second or even multiple follow-up applications 2-3 months later.

Our application calculator below will help you work out how much to buy in order to get the most cost effective way

*deliveries may be fulfilled by a 3rd party and orders over 100KG will be shipped on a pallet.



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