Bonemeal Powder – Plant Root Booster & Bulb Starter Fertiliser

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  • Use 140g per m2 on all flower beds once a year – read more below
  • Use once between Spring & Autumn
  • Helps your plants strengthen their roots for better chances of survival during Spring & Summer
  • Can also be used when planting bulbs in Spring or Autumn
  • Can also be used when installing new or repositioning plants, shrubs and bushes
  • Use alongside our blood, fish and bone to keep your plants super healthy throughout the whole of Spring & Summer

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Bonemeal is a high-phosphorous plant feed that will help established plants recover their roots for the new growing season, help newly installed plants establish into the soil quicker and new bulbs grow better.

When to use bonemeal

The most important time to use bonemeal is

  • Once a year on all flower beds
  • When planting new bulbs e.g. planting Spring Bulbs in Autumn,
  • When re-positioning established plants or rooting in new plants that you’ve bought from a garden centre.

For a regular feeding routine, we recommend using blood fish & bone instead.

Apply on a still day or keep the wind on your back to avoid inhaling dust. Wear gloves and wash hands afterwards

When not to use Bone meal

Don’t use more than once per year. You should use blood, fish & bone every 6 weeks to keep your plants, flowers and shrubs healthy throughout the growing season.

Don’t use pure bonemeal on your lawn. Use our 100% Organic Autumn/Winter Fertiliser instead, which are made specifically for applying to lawns. Bonemeal on it’s own contains too much Phosphorous for grass plants to handle.

How much Bonemeal should you use?

General use

Dig in 140g per m2 on all flower beds across your garden.

Moving or installing new plants

Apply 140g around the base of the new plant (70g in the hole and 70g spread across approximately 1m2).

Only use if you haven’t already applied bonemeal as part of general feeding routine in the same flower bed.


Use 140g across 7 bulbs in the planting hole.

Calculating how much Bonemeal you need

General Use

Measure all your flower beds for an approximate area. Add the totals together to get the final square meterage.

For Bulbs

1m2 will be enough for 7 bulbs. Therefore divide the number of bulbs you have by 7 and enter the total in the box.



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