100% Organic 'pet friendly' Autumn & Winter Lawn Feed

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Weight: 30g per m2 (e.g. 100m2 = 3,000g / 3.0KG)

  • Apply every 6 weeks between September and February
  • The ONLY 100% Organic Autumn lawn feed on the market today
  • Safe for pets immediately after application
  • Improves root strength for the harsh Autumn & Winter months
  • Gives excellent resistance to pests and disease
  • Ensures a nice Winter colour for the grass
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How to apply organic pet-friendly Autumn & Winter Lawn Feed

This product is a very fine sand based product, that can be applied either by hand or with a spreader. It’s finer than most granular fertiliser products. It should be watered into the lawn because it contains soluble materials that feed the soil as they dissolve into the soil. Follow the steps below to

  • If necessary, measure out sections of your lawn using wooden markers
  • Apply the correct amount based on the area of each section
  • Evenly sprinkle onto the lawn by hand or use a spreader on low setting after mowing
  • Apply during MOIST ground conditions (morning or evening)
  • Water into the soil for 3 days after application


How much organic pet friendly Autumn & Winter lawn feed to apply

Application rate: 30 grams per square metre

Health & Safety Advice

Safe for use on lawns where dogs, cats and children play.

Wear protective gloves, protective clothing and eye protection.

If in eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If swallowed, rinse mouth thoroughly.

Seek medical attention if any symptoms occur and persist from the above.

Dispose this empty package in the recycling bin.

Store unused product in a cool dry place fully out of reach of pets or children.

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Autumn Lawn Feed Analysis

NPK : 3-10-5 (1-2 mm) | 3% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphate 5% Potassium

3% Nitrogen will help with leaf strength

10% Phosphate will help with root development

5% Potassium will help with photosynthesis during the cool, darker periods

Season for application: Autumn – Sep to Nov

Usage: Feeding the lawn over a 6 week period

Soils to use on : Loam, Chalk, Sandy, Clay

Time feeding : 6-8 weeks

Apply with : Wheel Spreader or hand

Nutrients: Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphate from 100% organic sources including bone meal and 

Type / Size: Granular, 1-2mm


2 reviews for 100% Organic ‘pet friendly’ Autumn & Winter Lawn Feed

  1. Eirian

    Product arrived promptly. Have used the autumn/winter lawn feed on my lawn about a week ago and seems to be encouraging new growth especially in the recent seeded area of the lawn. Will make a further application in about 6 weeks time.

  2. Julia D

    I wanted lawn feed that I could use and still allow my dogs to have access to the lawn – not many truly organic available. Bought 2 treatments to last me through the season. Thank you.

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