Full Year’s
CLAY SOIL Lawn Feed & Fertiliser Kit

£0.55 - £1.40 / per m2

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  • All 4 applications of premium lawn feed & fertilisers to keep your lawn looking thick and green during the 3 peak seasons.
  • Includes a personalised calendar showing you what, when and how to apply all products.
  • Zero Waste – just tell us the size of your lawn below and we’ll calculate how much you need.
  • Easy-to-apply and comes in degradable or recyclable packaging
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

See the full description to find out what’s in the box and whether this kit is suitable for your lawn.



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“Love the way this small company operates. Fast, efficient and reasonable pricing mean I’ll be returning regularly for all my grass care needs. Keep it up.”

G Thompson on Trustpilot.com

What’s in the box?

  • A personalised calendar showing you what, when and how to apply all products
  • 2 x application of Clay Soil Lawn Feed (for Spring & Summer)
  • 2 x application of Summer liquid feed
  • 1 x application of Autumn fertiliser
  • 1 x application of Specialist Winter Lawn Feed


Is this kit suitable for your lawn

Suitable for you if:

  • You want your lawn to stay healthy, thick and green during the 4 peak seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
  • Your lawn is susceptible to moss or weeds
  • You have grass which needs maintaining with the right soil nutrients

Not suitable if:



Do you need large amounts of product with fast delivery? If you’re covering over 700m2, you may qualify for our special discounts. Simply get in touch using the form below and we’ll give you a quote.


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CLAY SOIL Lawn Feed & Fertiliser Kit”

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