Premium Autumn Lawn Feed

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  • Improves root strength for the harsh Autumn & Winter months
  • Prepares your lawn to withstand the cold, storms or frost that lie ahead
  • Ensures a nice Winter colour for the grass
  • Autumn feeding means a thicker, greener lawn in the following Spring
  • Feeds your lawn over a 10 week period (use once between September and November)
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Our Autumn lawn feed is specially formulated for domestic UK lawns. This product will give your grass super strong roots to withstand the storms and frost that are prevalent at this time of year.

When & where to use Autumn Lawn Feed

For best results, use this product once between September and November.

Apply when the weather is fair – not too hot and not too cold. Don’t apply if frost is forecast and don’t get caught out by early Winter frost randomly popping up in Autumn.

Avoid applying on new lawns. Use our pre seed & pre turf fertiliser instead.

Use this product to make your grass stronger throughout the harsh Winter months. The care (feed) you give to your lawn in Autumn and Winter will mean it will look so much better in the following Spring.

What’s more it will mean much less work to get it looking great again the following year.

Autumn & Winter lawn care is even more important if your grass is mainly in shade because moss and weeds thrive in shady and wet areas during the Winter.

When to expect seeing results from our Autumn Lawn Feed

You should start seeing your lawn improve its ‘lushness’ within a couple of weeks. However, this is a premium slow release feed, which means the nutrients are gradually fed to the soil over a 10 week period.

Don’t apply more feed during this 10 week period.

How to apply Autumn lawn feed

This is a granular product of 2-3mm sized granules, so the simplest method of application is by using a spreader. There are a few different spreaders you can get and the most common ones are either hand held or one with wheels if you have a large garden.

Measure out the correct area on your lawn and sprinkle the granules evenly across the marked out area. It’s a good idea to start from one corner of the lawn and work your way across.

Application rate: 30g per metre squared


techie specs

Season for application: Autumn – Sep to Nov

Usage: Feeding the lawn over a 3 month period

Soils to use on : Loam, Chalk, Sandy, Clay

Time feeding : 12-14 weeks

Apply with : Wheel Spreader or hand

Nutrients: Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphate

Type / Size: Granular, 2-3mm

Spring & Summer Lawn Fertiliser Analysis

NPK : 10-5-10 + 2% MgO (2-3 mm) | 10% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphate 10% Postassium

Nitrogen will maintain upper strength

Phosphate will help with root development

Potassium will help retain/control moisture to avoid issues with drought

2% Magnesium will give your lawn a beautiful green colour

Our slow-release technology ensures the fertiliser will feed your lawn for 3 months


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