Calcified Seaweed – 100% Organic Soil Conditioner

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  • Use as a soil conditioner in Spring or Summer
  • Reduces acidity in soil which will help prevent moss
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Promotes greener grass
  • Significantly improves soil structure
  • Improves general growing conditions
  • Degradable packaging
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“Love the way this small company operates. Fast, efficient and reasonable pricing mean I’ll be returning regularly for all my grass care needs. Keep it up.”

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Our Calcified Seaweed is specially formulated to significantly improve the structure of your soil and create better growing conditions for your lawns.

It’s particularly beneficial for dense clay type soils but can be used on all soil types. It also helps prevent moss by neutralising the acidity in the soil.

When & where to use Calcified Seaweed Soil Conditioner

For best results, use this product during the growing season. Some time between March to September. You only need one application every couple of years.

Apply when the weather is fair and avoid applying during frosty conditions.

If moss is a problem on your lawn year after year, then you might find your soil is too acidic. By applying calcified seaweed, you will improve the pH levels of your soil. You’ll reduce the acidity and create much better conditions for your lawn to thrive.

If you have dense, clay like soil with poor drainage, then applying calcified seaweed will once again help to improve the growing conditions for your lawn.

When to expect seeing results from Calcified Seaweed Soil Conditioner

The granules will start working their way into the soil immediately. Once the granules have been fully absorbed into the soil beneath the lawn (after about 2 weeks) the pH of the soil should have been neutralised.

Over the coming weeks and months, it will help the soil structure by adding nutrients and trace elements. Thereby promoting beneficial micro-organisms and helping the lawn to create much stronger root systems. This means you will have a healthier and more vigorous leaf growth.

How to apply Calcified Seaweed Soil Conditioner

This is a granular soil conditioner, so the simplest method of application is by using a spreader. There are a few different spreaders you can get and the most common ones are either hand held or one with wheels if you have a large garden.

Measure out the correct area on your lawn, weigh out the correct amount of product based on the optimum application rate (see below) and sprinkle the granules evenly across the marked out area.

It’s a good idea to start from one corner of the lawn and work your way across.

Optimum Application rate: 70g per square metre.



Do you need large amounts of product with fast delivery? If you’re covering over 700m2, you may qualify for our special discounts. Simply get in touch using the form below and we’ll give you a quote.

(1 customer review)

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  1. JP

    Great Product. Easy to Apply

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