100% Organic Liquid Seaweed (green-up) Lawn & Plant Feed


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  • 100% cold press extracted without the use of harsh chemicals like acid or alkaline
  • Apply every 6 weeks throughout the whole year (except when the temperature is below 10 degrees celsius)
  • Apply along side our granular lawn care products
  • Conditions soil to increase biodiversity of micro-organisms which are beneficial for lawns
  • Particularly beneficial for newly seeded lawns
  • Apply to a newly seeded lawn or use as part of a regular maintenance programme
  • Keeps lawns green throughout the dry Summer months
  • Guaranteed uptake of nutrients by the roots of the lawn
  • Helps put stripes in the lawn (when using a rear roller lawn mower)
  • eco-friendly pouch packaging – an alternative to hard plastics

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This liquid seaweed is formulated to maintain all kinds of domestic lawns – and it works great in the UK climate.

Harvested by hand using no machines, this cold pressed seaweed is part of an environmental management plan, thus ensuring the sustainable future of the local eco-system and planet.

The solution is designed to retained high levels of Auxins, Betaines, Cytokines and Gibberellic acid in it’s extraction processes.

These high levels of phyto-hormones are quickly absorbed by the lawn, providing an additional natural, nutritional feed to all lawns.

When & Where to use liquid seaweed

While we promote this as being perfect as a lawn feed, you can actually use liquid seaweed on flowerbeds too.

It’s specially designed to enhance the health of your grass (or plants) at home during the Summer months.

This is a liquid solution that needs to be mixed with water so you can apply it during hot weather when the lawn is actively growing. Don’t apply if frost is forecast.

You can also use this as your first application on newly established seed, especially if you seeded in Spring as it will help with the growth of the grass.

If you’ve got dry patches on your lawn, use Liquid Seaweed during August to repair them with no guesswork required. Our customers have seen up to 36% more grass coverage when they apply it!

When to expect seeing results from liquid seaweed

Liquid Seaweed is a fast acting solution that will start showing results within 7-10 days. Any light green patches will start to turn a darker lush green.

It’s particularly useful when drought is expected as it will act as a wetting agent to help prevent the lawn going brown.

How to apply liquid seaweed

This is a liquid fertiliser and should always be diluted with water. You can apply with a watering can or a knapsack sprayer

Application rate:

mix 20ml of liquid seaweed with 600-1200ml of water to cover 10m2

Why should you use liquid seaweed on your lawn

  • Provides naturally stimulated growth
  • Creates stronger, healthier roots and shoots
  • Provides resistance to pests and disease
  • Helps create a deeper colour in the grass blades
  • Builds resistant to Summer droughts and winter frosts
  • Gives your lawn a longer ‘shelf-life’



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(1 customer review)

1 review for 100% Organic Liquid Seaweed (green-up) Lawn & Plant Feed

  1. Karen P

    The lawn looks greener already, a week after application ????

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