Lawn Weed & Feed Liquid (Spring to Autumn)


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  • Use between March and October (November too if temps are above 10 degrees)
  • Kills nearly all common lawn weeds while giving the grass a complete boost
  • Comes with full instructions on how to apply.
  • Apply alongside our Premium Autumn lawn Feed for best results and lawn longevity.
  • Acts FAST
  • Choose between an all-in-one product or our super powerful combination set.
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A specially formulated autumn feed and selective weedkiller that, when mixed together, lasts the whole year. I

When to use Lawn Weed & Feed Liquid

It works best when applied in Autumn but can be applied any time between April and October.

Apply once a year between April and October

September and October are the months to get rid of any weeds that have established themselves during the growing season That’s because weed and feed as a granular product contains too much nitrogen to be used at this time of year.

Avoid using this product in windy conditions.

It only kills weeds that are present and have already grown. It won’t stop other weeds from germinating.

Where to use Autumn Lawn Weed & Feed

Use strictly on the lawn only. When applying, be careful not to let any of the solution drift onto any non-targeted areas of the garden. Particularly trees and shrubs. Furthermore, keep the liquid well away from pond waters and other

This product controls lots of common broad leaved weeds found int he lawn and quickly improves the green colour of the lawn. It also improves grass growth so it easily covers the areas where the weeds have been removed.


How to apply Autumn Lawn Weed & Feed Liquid

The product will need to be mixed with water at specific rations depending whether are using either a watering can or knapsack sprayer to apply

Using a watering can (for small lawns)

Mix 60ml of solution with 6 litres of water to cover 12m2 and attach a fine rose or sprinkle bar to the watering can. The best way is to fill the watering can with half the water, then add the solution, then add the second half of the water.


Using a knapsack sprayer (for medium to large lawns)

Mix 60ml in 1 litre of water when using a knapsack sprayer and set the sprinkle on a medium setting. If you spray too fine, it may drift across into unwanted areas.

Taking caution after use



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