Fast Growing General Purpose Grass Seed


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  • A great grass seed for areas of lawn with everyday use
  • Rapid germination and establishment from the perennial ryegrass grass seed
  • Withstands heavy foot traffic and wear
  • Ideal to create a lawn or landscape area which looks good and can be used by everyone
  • Attractive appearance
  • Will produce a very fine leaved and dense lawn
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Our general purpose grass seed is a special mix of seeds that create a beautiful lawn, which is also hard wearing. Perfect for the back garden in any domestic UK household

When & where to sow fast growing, general purpose grass seed

For best results, you should sow grass seed when the weather is fair – not to hot and not too cold. Don’t sow if frost is forecast. The soil must be above 8 degrees Celsius for the seed to germinate

The best time to sow new grass seed is in Autumn or in Spring. That’s because you can usually expect rain to help create the first shoots and the weather is .

When seeding from scratch, apply our pre-seed lawn feed 48 hours beforehand because it will give you a greater germination success rate from seed to shoot.

Use this grass seed where you want a nice looking lawn but also want to make use of it in the Summer. The 60% Perrennial Rye gives it great hard wearing and recovery features whereas the the remaining 40% fescues give it a very fine look and feel. Making it a stand out option for any front or back garden.

Additional information

Seeding Purpose

Overseeding (25g/m2), From Scratch (35g/m2)

Coverage (m2)

15m2, 20m2, 40m2, 30m2, 50m2, 65m2, 70m2, 80m2, 90m2, 100m2, 110m2, 130m2, 140m2, 150m2, 180m2, 200m2, 210m2, 280m2


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