Drought-Defence Granular Wetting Agent

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  • Apply any time in Spring or Summer before, during or after drought.
  • For struggling lawns, use every 6 weeks
  • Prevents browning when applied before periods of drought
  • Minimises browning during periods of drought
  • Revives lawns FAST after periods of drought
  • Apply alongside any of our lawn feeds
  • Reduces the need for an intense watering programme
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A specially formulated granular product that’s designed for use on UK home lawns for keeping a green sward throughout the Spring & Summer. Especially throughout periods of extreme drought.

When & Where to apply drought-defence wetting agent

For best results, you should use this during Spring and Summer. Preferably in May before the warm weather sets in. Ideally apply it before a drought, but it can also be applied during or after drought.

Apply as part of your normal fertiliser programme. Apply where there are fairy rings.

This product can be used on all lawns and is effective on all soil types in the UK.

When to expect seeing results

If the grass is already in good condition, you’ll notice that it doesn’t go as brown when the drought comes. However, if the grass is already dried out, then you’ll notice it start to turn greener within 2-3 weeks. Note though, you may need another application after 4-6 weeks if the area is really dry.

How to apply drought-defence wetting agent

For best results, spike the area with a fork first. Especially if you already have dry patches.

Apply with a rotary spreader or drop spreader at the recommended rate of 20g per m2.




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