Summer Liquid (green-up) Lawn Feed

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  • Apply 3-4 times between March & September
  • Revitalises lawns during Summer
  • Thickens lawn and improves grass texture
  • Keeps lawns green throughout the dry Summer months
  • Guaranteed uptake of nutrients by the roots of the lawn
  • Helps put stripes in the lawn (when using a rear roller lawn mower)
  • eco-friendly pouch packaging – an alternative hard plastics
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Our liquid lawn feed is specially formulated for use on Domestic UK lawns. It will enhance the colour and make sure your lawn stays lush and green throughout the hot summer months. While it doesn’t replace your Spring & Summer fertiliser, our liquid is a safer option during the Summer because it guarantees the nutrients are fully absorbed by the soil, with no risk of burning the grass.

When and where to use Summer Liquid Lawn Feed

For best results, use every 28 days during the growing season. That means you can start towards the end of April and finish in August. This feed should be used as a supplement booster alongside our long lasting Spring & Summer granular feed

Use it on all areas of the lawn and this product is safe to apply when the weather is warm.

When to expect seeing results from Summer Liquid Lawn Feed

You should start seeing the lawn go greener within 5-7 days. Then the nutrients will be released over a period of 4-6 weeks. The liquid will work to create a healthy soil  environment for your lawn and therefore help the grass look the best during the times you need it most.

How to apply Summer Liquid Lawn Feed

As this is a concentrated solution, you should always mix it with water before applying it to the grass.

We highly recommend using a watering can or a knapsack sprayer to apply this product. We strongly discourage using a hose pipe sprayer because they just aren’t as accurate as when you mix it yourself.

When using a watering can, you should mix 100ml of solution to 5,000ml (5L) of water to cover 20 m2.

For example, if you have a 10 litre watering can you should mix 200ml of solution with a full watering can, and sprinkle it over 40m2.

When using a knapsack sprayer you should mix 100ml of solution to 1,000ml (1L) of water to cover 20m2.

Our packaging will give you clear directions on how much area you should apply with each bottle and how much water should be mixed in too.


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