Spring & Summer ‘Pet friendly’ Lawn Feed

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Weight: 30g per m2 (e.g. 100m2 = 3,000g / 3KG)

  • Apply 2-3 times between March & September
  • Suitable for lawns longer than 15mm (1.5cm)
  • Reduces stress, stimulates soil and promotes healthy growth
  • Use in Spring & Summer during the ‘growing’ seasons
  • Perfectly safe for use where dogs, cats and children play
  • No need to water-in after application but results will be quicker if you do
  • Safe to use during hot weather
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“Love the way this small company operates. Fast, efficient and reasonable pricing mean I’ll be returning regularly for all my grass care needs. Keep it up.”

G Thompson on Trustpilot.com

Our Spring & Summer ‘pet safe’ lawn feed is specially formulated to improve soil and enhance the growth of your lawn. It uses organic materials, which makes is perfectly safe for use where pets and children play.

You can simply let the nutrients naturally get absorbed by the soil.

When & Where to use Spring & Summer pet friendly lawn feed

For best results you should use this product between March and August.

You can apply this product during drought conditions because it contains organic nitrogen, which can also be applied during hot weather.

Don’t apply if frost is forecast and don’t get caught out by late Spring frost as is sometimes the case in the UK – especially in the North.

You can use our pet friendly feed on any lawn of all soil types. It’s also especially suited to clay soil types because of it’s organic nature.

To keep your lawn looking green during the hot Summer months, apply a series of our liquid seaweed alongside an application of this product

When to expect seeing results from Spring & Summer pet friendly lawn feed

The nitrogen in the granules will give the grass a stronger green colour within 7-10 days. You will also notice a faster growth rate during that time, which will help to make the lawn thicker and lusher.

The nutrients will be released over a 6 week period and all our products are formulated to give your lawn an even distribution of nutrients throughout this period.

How to apply Spring & Summer pet friendly lawn feed

This is a granular product of 2-3mm, so the simplest method of application is by using a spreader. There are a few different spreaders you can get and the most common ones are either hand held or one with wheels if you have a large garden.

Measure out the correct area on your lawn and sprinkle the granules evenly across the marked out area. It’s a good idea to start from one corner of the lawn and work your way across.

Application rate: 30g per metre squared evenly spread across the lawn.

What we mean by ‘pet friendly’

We call this product pet friendly because you can allow cats and dogs (and other roaming animals) on the lawn immediately after application without any harm being caused by the granules in any way.

We still recommend storing unused product out of reach of pets and children.

Please take caution if you have chickens because they will peck the ground and may mistake the granules for grit. Keep chickens off the treated area for 2 weeks after application or until the granules have been watered in.

For more information on this, read my article ‘Is lawn feed safe for pets and children?’



Do you need large amounts of product with fast delivery? If you’re covering over 700m2, you may qualify for our special discounts. Simply get in touch using the form below and we’ll give you a quote.

(6 customer reviews)

6 reviews for Spring & Summer ‘Pet friendly’ Lawn Feed

  1. Andy G

    Easy to order and loads of good advice, my grass feed has done wonders for my lawn.

  2. Sam Morris (verified owner)

    My lawn looks great after using this. It was patchy and was full of dandelions. Now it’s thick and green and although there’s still dandelions around the edges they are not all over the lawn this year.

  3. James

    Pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting much despite the good reviews. I used on a hot day and watered in. Lawn started looking healthier very soon after.

  4. Nathan

    Easy to apply but choose a day when it’s not windy. Remember to water in within a few hours and then again for the next 5-7 days

  5. T

    Needed something for the lawn that dog has everyday access to to green up grass. It takes longer to work than conventional methods but works well if patient and ensure it is watered in. You need to reapply to get the full benefit. Fast delivery

  6. Very Good

    Bought this as we have a dog and the grass needed feeding. It certainly greened up the lawn and spread grass into the patches. Overall it’s one of the few available as pet safe that does something.

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