Pre Seed & Pre Turf Lawn Fertiliser

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  • Massively boosts root development and grass growth for new seed and new turf
  • Perfect for applying 48 hours before seeding, overseeding or laying turf
  • Perfect for use after sowing seed if it’s not been applied beforehand
  • Gives your lawn the best possible start against weeds and diseases
  • Includes Magnesium to create strong, healthy grass plants
  • 100% degradable packaging*
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Our pre-seed or starter lawn feed is specially formulated for giving new seed a boost, so the grass can fight off any chance of weed or disease. A must use product, whether you are overseeding an established lawn, seeding for a full new lawn area or laying fresh, new turf.

When & where to use pre seed & pre turf fertiliser

For best results, use this product 48 hours prior to seeding or overseeding a specific area of your lawn. You can also apply it after you have sown the grass seed if you didn’t apply it beforehand (don’t do both). You can also use it before putting down new turf to help the roots get fully established into the top soil after it’s been laid.

New grass seed is best sown during the Autumn but can also be put down in the Spring too. The main thing is to make sure the soil is over 8 degrees Celsius and that there’s no frost forecast.

This product is designed to give the lawn stronger roots, so you can use it in place of your Autumn lawn feed if you decide to overseed an established lawn.

Apply when the weather is fair. It’s best to apply in the morning or evening, when the soil is moist from dew. Don’t apply if frost is forecast and be careful not to get caught out by late Spring frost.

Once you have used this product, be sure to continue with an ongoing feeding programme to give your grass the best chance of survival.

When to expect seeing results from our pre seed & pre turf fertiliser

In some instances, we’ve seen this fertiliser double the germination rate of the seed and reduce the germination time by half – from 4-6 weeks to 2-3 weeks.

The results of this feed will be very much dependent on the grass seed you use. However, you will find that the fertiliser gives your new seed a much better chance of germinating and from there, surviving.

In achieving the above, weeds have very little chance of establishing themselves before the grass gets hold of the nutrients in the soil.

This product is an absolute must for anyone wanting to give their new seed a fighting chance against the forces of nature.

How to apply pre-seed or starter fertiliser

The simplest method is by using a spreader. There are different spreaders available from hand held shakers to push spreaders. If you want the most accurate method, it’s best to measure out a section of your lawn and then apply based on the application rate of 30g per m2.

Our packaging will tell you how much coverage each bag gives you, making it easy for you to measure out and apply without too much weighing needed.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about pre seed and pre turf fertiliser. Hopefully you find answers to your questions but if not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Does topsoil need pre turf fertiliser?

While it's not absolutely essential, adding this product to your top soil will give your new turf better root development immediately after being laid.  

Is pre turf fertiliser safe?

This product is non-toxic and therefore perfectly safe to use. We do recommend taking precautions where you have animals whom peck the lawn such as chickens. Read our article Is fertiliser safe for pets

Is there an organic alternative to pre turf fertiliser?

The most important thing when it comes to choosing an organic option is that the product must contain phosphate (the nutrient that helps with root development. One option is to use a combination of Calcified Seaweed (soil conditioner) and bone meal (root development) at approximately 35g per m2 each. That would be a total of 70g per m2

Can you seed and fertilise at the same time?

The short answer is yes. You must use specific pre seed or pre turf fertiliser though. Using the incorrect fertiliser will have negative effects on the growth of your seed. For example anything with herbicides in it will kill the seed. Whereas too much nitrogen will hurt the seed before it germinates. Best practice is to fertilise the soil with this product 48-72 hours before sowing seed



Techie Specs

Product Analysis : 6-10-6 + 2% MgO

6% Nitrogen will help with lawn growth

10% Phosphate will help with root development

6% Potassium will help retain/control moisture to avoid issues with drought

2% Magnesium will give your lawn a beautiful green colour

Our slow-release technology ensures the fertiliser will feed your lawn for 3 months

Season for application: Before seeding, after seeding, or laying new turf.

Usage:  Boosting new seed over a 3 month period

Soils to use on : Loam, Chalk, Sandy

Time feeding : 12-14 weeks

Apply with : Wheel Spreader or hand

Nutrients: Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphate, Magnesium

Type / Size: Granular, 2-3mm


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