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Keep your lawn pristine with exclusive tips, offers and insights that I only share with my private subscribers.

This post is written as an accompany to my other post – How to take care for my lawn year round

January Lawn Feeding

In January, you can apply our Specialist Winter Feed between weeks 1-5 as the ‘start of season’ application. Try not to do it any later than week 5 as you’ll need to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before you apply your next granular feed.

Our Winter Feed contains iron so that you can suppress any moss. If you don’t have a moss problem, you can still use our Winter Feed because the nitrogen, phosphate an potassium will still benefit the lawn.

February Lawn Feeding

If you applied you Winter fertiliser late January. you’ll be waiting for this to do it’s job.

As the days get a bit warmer and the nights draw in later, you can start to think about your Spring planning.

March Lawn Feeding

March is essentially the start of the growing season. Now is a great time to give you lawn a BOOST. You can apply quick release nitrogen fertiliser.

We call ours Fast Acting – that’s because it will quickly release nitrogen into the soil. The drawback is that all the nitrogen will be used up quicker – actually within 6 weeks.

So, once you’ve applied the Fast Acting feed, you’ll need to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before applying any other granular feed.

April Lawn Feeding

If you applied our Fast Acting feed in early March, then April is the perfect time to use our long lasting feed Spring & Summer feed – also known in the fertiliser industry as a slow release fertiliser.

A slow release is a good option is because it’s often too hot during the height of the Summer to apply another granular feed. A 100% slow release product will gradually release the nitrogen over a 10-12 week period. So, now you’ll need to wait 12-12 weeks before applying your next granular feed. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in the meantime

If you applied your fast acting feed late March, then in April you’ll simply be waiting for it to be used up before applying our long lasting one.

May lawn Feeding

May is around the time you can start your liquid feeding. Either use our Summer ‘green-up’ liquid or liquid seaweed for lawns and plants to keep your grass hydrated throughout the hot Summer months.

Don’t worry though, you can use liquid feed regardless of whether you have recently applied a granular one. That’s because liquid simply acts as a supplement for the grass. Imagine it’s a snack to keep it going during the tiring times.

Be aware – even though it’s the growing season, your lawn is working really hard to stay strong during the heat just as much as, if not more than, it is during the Winter. So you will be giving it a helping hand by starting the liquid applications in May.

June Lawn Feeding & Care

June is one of my favourite times of year. Apart from it being my birthday, it’s usually a hot month and a great time to both some gardening and some taking time out to enjoy the garden.

By now, your long lasting application will be doing its work by slowly providing nitrogen to the soil. You may still have some green balls hanging around in the grass. That’s the Urea coating, which allows the slow release of the Nitrogen.

If there’s a long spell of dry weather, you should keep your garden well-watered. What’s more, if you’re a keen gardener try collecting rain in a water butt and you will be helping us to survive any water drought too.

July & August Lawn Feeding & Care

While your granular feed is still doing its job in terms of feeding the nitrogen to the soil, your lawn in July may be trying to survive a potential drought.

During this time, you should continue with your liquid feeding programme. Keep it to approximately 6 weeks apart. If you do it sooner than that, there’s a chance you’ll give it too much nitrogen.

I always recommend to customers to use the lawn as you desire. After all, you want to enjoy your gardening just as much as you enjoy the benefits.

September Lawn Feeding

This is the time when most lawn enthusiast start to get savvy about the upkeep of their turf. That’s because they know that the Autumn and Winter care is what will give you the best chance of an great looking patch early in the following season.

So, if you applied a slow release nitrogen fert in the Spring/Summer, you need to wait 10-12 weeks before applying your Autumn application.

Don’t worry though, you can apply this any time between September and November. Our Premium Autumn feed is a 30% slow release product which means it will also keep the soil fed for 10-12 months.

However, our 100% Organic Autumn Feed is a quick release product. So it will only keep the soil strong for about 6-8 weeks – you should then apply another application to keep your grass going for the whole of the cold season.

October & November Lawn Feeding

In October, storms with strong winds may set in, leaves may start to fall, and the nights will get shorter.

Be sure to keep on top of anything landing on your grass by way of removing twigs, debris or leaves. If you applied our Autumn product, then you don’t need to apply any more in October. Simply wait for the slow release nitrogen to get released.

December Lawn Care

December Month Lawn Care

Ahh December! The most boring month of the year for lawn enthusiasts. The time when we all wish it was Spring again

‘Cos there’s not much feeding going on at this point so why not just enjoy Christmas before getting straight back into it in January.

Do try getting snow off the law if we have any.

Congratulations! You got through the year. Now it’s back to January – Boom…

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  1. Chris Wilkins

    I have just applied Autumn Lawn feed (rather than spring feed) to my lawn in March by mistake.

    Is there any product I can apply immediately to ‘rectify’ the mistake or do I need to wait 6 weeks (or more) before applying Spring feed I. had originally intended to use

    1. Matt Adams

      HI Chris,

      The AUtumn Feed won’t do any damage and will help with colour, you just won’t get the same boost you would have done with a Spring feed. Don’t apply anything now for at least 8 weeks unless it’s a liquid seaweed.


  2. Philip Thomas

    Can I use a lawn dressing Mixed with lawn sand 4to1 on the grass at the end of September To give growth for next year and over the winter .

    1. Matt Adams

      It’s not a problem to mix a lawn dressing with a lawn sand but don’t overseed within 6 weeks of applying it. Doing so won’t necessarily give great growth but will help with suppression of moss, improvement of drainage and suppression of weeds. I’d still recomend applying an Autumnn Feed and a Winter Feed too. Cheers, Matt

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